NLM Jewellery is a premium Jewellery company founded by Nathan Tse. Our products are designed in the UK and are worn across the globe. 

Our vision 

At NLM we put design and quality at the core of our brand. This is to deliver quality jewellery and not unnecessarily marked up jewellery across the industry. We cut through the traffic of all low quality cheaply made jewellery.
Every piece made by NLM has been designed and made to last a lifetime.  Wearing our products is saying, without speaking that you Pursue more, question normality and strive for excellence.

Thank you

We want to personally thank you, it is with your continued support that we can continue to grow. Our customers are the core of our brand which is why we aim to be the best at what we do

If there are and discussions or questions please don't hesitate to email us at

We are NLM


NLM Jewellery